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An Alternative to Qualtrics Survey Tool: Comprehensive Guide on Limitations & Migration Strategies

Qualtrics, a widely used survey tool for behavioral and cognitive experiments, comes with its share of limitations, prompting the need for alternative tools. This blog post discusses these limitations and introduces scientifically-sound and cost-effective alternatives. We'll delve into practical steps to migrate your psychological research and online experiments.

Current Limitations of Qualtrics Survey Tool

While Qualtrics is well-suited for standard surveys, it can be a limiting tool for running more complex online experiments. The flexibility of the tool addresses various research types but becomes a drawback when dealing with specialized cognitive tasks.

Qualtrics' heavy emphasis on conventional surveys might limit the design and delivery of specific cognitive or behavioral experiments, particularly those that require timed responses, novel task designs, or sophisticated randomization.

List of Alternatives to Qualtrics

Several alternative platforms serve as a more versatile tool to conduct cognitive tasks and experiments. One such platform is, designed specifically for online psychological research, providing researchers with a robust toolkit for online experiment design, delivery, and data collection.

Other open-source tools such as jsPsych and lab.js also offer powerful ways to run behavioral experiments online. These platforms stand out in their ability to customize cognitive tasks for a multitude of research designs.

How to Migrate From Qualtrics

Moving your studies from Qualtrics to another platform can seem daunting, but a systematic approach can simplify this process. Begin by identifying the design and data collection needs of your study, and consider how these needs could be fulfilled more effectively by an alternative tool.

Platforms like provide resources to help researchers migrate their studies, including tutorials and documentation. A clear understanding of the new tool will make the migration smoother and less time-consuming.

Migrating Costs

Migration costs vary, largely depending on the complexity of your study and the new platform you choose. Open-source platforms like jsPsych are typically free, while others, such as, may not be. However, the added functionalities and tailored solutions these platforms provide could justify the cost. A cost-benefit analysis can guide your decision-making process.

Remember, running experiments, and particularly remote studies, can be a challenging adventure. However, with the right tools, you can navigate these challenges effectively and efficiently. Make your choice wisely, considering not only the present costs but also the potential outweighing benefits of flexibility and enhanced capabilities.

Migrate now and unlock the full potential of your research!

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