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Alternative to Labvanced for Designing Your Online Experiments

Running online experiments, particularly behavioral and cognitive experiments, is no easy task. Unlike traditional lab-based research, remote studies introduce a new set of challenges, from design to execution. Among many online experiment platforms, Labvanced is well-known but not without its limitations. In this guide, we will explore alternatives and methods to migrate your studies with minimal cost.

Current Limitations of Labvanced

Labvanced has provided a robust platform for psychological research and cognitive tasks. While proficient, it falls short in some critical areas. For instance, the interface might seem complex for new users, potentially hindering the designing and running processes. Also, it lacks a free tier for researchers operating on a limited budget.

Alternative Online Experiment Platforms

Thankfully, exciting alternatives excel where Labvanced falls short. One such platform is www.cognition.run. It provides an intuitive interface, easier integration of advanced psychological tasks, and adequate run-time. Also, it offers a free tier allowing for trial and testing before committing financially. Another alternative is jsPsych, a JavaScript library for creating behavioral experiments. JsPsych offers an extensive range of cognitive tasks, although it requires a level of programming knowledge.

Migrating to a New Platform

While migrating one's research to a new platform can seem daunting, it doesn't need to be. The initial step should be trialing the alternative with a simple pilot experiment. Understand its design interface and check the platform's capability in handling your specifics. Once comfortable with the platform, work on transitioning your cognitive tasks and materials. Invest time in mastering the platform's unique features that will make running your experiments more accessible, more streamlined.

The Cost of Migrating

Initially, it may seem that platform migration incurs considerable costs. However, thanks to options like www.cognition.run offering free tiers, you can test the waters before making any financial commitment. Moreover, with the increased productivity and reduced time spent on overcoming software limitations, the migrating cost becomes an investment. The improvement in experiment results and increased ease in running experiments could vastly outweigh any financial cost. Transitioning from Labvanced is an opportunity to modernize your research practice. By considering the alternatives and understanding the migration process, you can advance your research beyond any current limitations.


Although an important player in the field of online experiments, Labvanced is not without its caveats. Migrating to alternative platforms offers better accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease in conducting your comprehensive psychological research and behavioral experiments. With a guided approach, make this migration smoother and leverage these tools for expanding your research horizons.

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