Alternative to SurveyMonkey Survey Tool: Overcoming Limitations with New Tools

Alternative Tools

SurveyMonkey, while popular among marketers, falls short in certain areas when it comes to scientific research, particularly in behavioral experiments and psychological research. From the limited options for designing robust cognitive tasks to the lack of flexibility for running experiments, SurveyMonkey may not always meet the requirements of research-focused online experiments.

The Limitations of SurveyMonkey

The inherent design of SurveyMonkey makes it a sub-optimal tool for cognitive experiment design. Its primary shortcoming lies in its lack of customization, making it difficult to tailor surveys for unique cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments. Moreover, while running experiments, there can be restrictions in terms of randomization and branching logic – features crucial for psychological research.

Handpicked Alternatives to SurveyMonkey

There are several other tools available that offer more advanced features suitable for psychological research:

  • Perfect for remote studies, Cognition is designed for psychological experiments with built-in support for complex cognitive tasks.
  • jsPsych: This JavaScript library is ideal for behavioral experiments run online. While it requires some coding knowledge, it offers unmatched customization.

How to Migrate from SurveyMonkey to Other Tools

Migrating to a new tool from SurveyMonkey will require careful planning. Tools like Cognition offer a straightforward process aided by a user-friendly interface. However, in the case of jsPsych, programming skills are required. Begin by exporting and backing up your SurveyMonkey data, and then slowly integrating your surveys and data onto the new platform.

Understanding the Cost of Migration

The actual cost of migration can vary significantly based on the new platform, the complexity of your cognitive tasks, and the level of customization required. Cognition and jsPsych, for instance, are free to use, but might require some investment in mastering or hiring someone skilled in JavaScript for the latter. Therefore, consider these factors when calculating the cost of migration.

While SurveyMonkey has its place, researchers conducting behavioral experiments and psychological research can benefit from tools specifically designed for this purpose. Browsing through these alternatives to find the best fit for your work can lead to more effective online experiments and more insightful data gathering. Good luck on your research journey!

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