Understanding the Limitations of ExpiLab Research and Exploring Alternatives

Current Limitations of ExpiLab Research

It's widely recognized that running experiments, especially online ones, is a complex endeavor. ExpiLab Research has been a widely-utilized tool for conducting www.cognition.run's online experiments, including behavioral experiments and cognitive tasks. However, it comes with some constraints that can influence the outcome or limit the execution of one's cognitive experiment. Limitations include: - A lack of user-friendly interface for traditional, non-tech-savy researchers. - Limitations on complex cognitive tasks integration. - Limited participant pool and outreach. - Dependency on a single platform.

Alternatives to ExpiLab Research

As a researcher, it's crucial to be equipped with the best tools to conduct psychological research. Here are some alternatives to ExpiLab research: - jspsych: A robust JavaScript library for running behavioral experiments in a web browser. - Gorilla: It allows building behavioral experiments online without needing a knowledge of coding. - Sona Systems: This cloud-based participant management system allows easy scheduling and recruitment. Remember that every tool has its strengths and weaknesses. Your choice depends on the specificity of your project and the cognitive tasks involved.

Migrating to an Alternative Platform

Making the move from ExpiLab Research to another platform can be daunting but entirely manageable. First, understand the specific needs of your psychological research. Then familiarize yourself with the new platform, using their resources, guides, and tutorials. Finally, start the migration process, which usually involves rewriting and setting up your cognitive experiment on the new platform.

Migrating Cost

The cost of migration will depend on various factors – the selected platform's pricing, the complexity of your tasks, the time spent on learning the new system, and possible temporary slowdown in research activity.


Running experiments, especially remote studies, requires precision and adaptability. Although ExpiLab conducted studies effectively, leveraging alternative platforms may be beneficial in the long run. Remember, the ultimate goal is conducting quality, accurate, and impactful online experiments. www.cognition.run helps provide information and resources for successful online psychological research, including a further collection of alternative software and frameworks for conducting cognitive tasks and experiments.

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