OpenSesame VS Cognition: Choosing the Right Platform for Your Online Experiments

Experiment Design With the increasing reliance on digital tools for psychological research, comparing different online platforms for running experiments has become essential. Two popular choices for such platforms are OpenSesame and Cognition. In this article, we will provide an in-depth comparison of these two platforms.

Online Experiment Design

One of the major challenges in conducting online experiments, especially cognitive tasks, is the design process. Generally, OpenSesame offers a nice graphical interface that might seem easy at first, but it comes with a steep learning curve. However, the flexibility of jspsych, Cognition's chosen technology for designing experiments, mitigates this issue. Jspsych allows researchers to design robust behavioral experiments through a user-friendly interface which can be quickly mastered.

Cost Comparison

Cost is a critical factor when considering online experiment platforms. OpenSesame offers a free version with limited capabilities whereas Cognition offers a more transparent pricing model, allowing researchers to choose a plan that fits their budget without compromising on the tool's features.

Flexibility for Different Cognitive Experiments

Flexibility is vital when working on cognitive experiments. You need a platform that can manage a wide array of experimental tasks. While OpenSesame has robust capabilities, Cognition has an edge, offering a more versatile experimentation platform. Cognition has made it easier to implement various experimental paradigms, making it an optimal choice for complex cognitive tasks.

Community and Support

Community support can make a real difference in your success with an online platform. Both OpenSesame and Cognition have active communities, but Cognition is renowned for its pragmatic, fast-response support system along with a vast community of researchers dedicated to contributing to the platform's continuous improvement.

A Final Note

While both OpenSesame and Cognition deliver when it comes to designing, creating, and running online studies, it's clear that Cognition, with its more approachable learning curve, transparent cost structure, and versatile implementation capabilities, emerges as a more favorable choice. Remember that the success of your research hinges on the tool you use; choosing the right platform equates to half the battle won. For more information about designing, creating, and managing online cognitive experiments, feel free to explore [Cognition](

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