Comparing Cognition with Gorilla: Which One Suits Your Research Needs Better?

Cognition Vs. Gorilla: An Overview

Cognition and Gorilla are specialized platforms for conducting and running experiments online. They cater to the specific needs of researchers conducting psychological research and cognitive experiments.

What is Cognition?

Cognition is a modern, versatile online experiment builder designed for behavioral experiments. It features a powerful jsPsych library, which allows researchers to create various cognitive tasks with the flexibility of JavaScript.

Cost Comparison

Concerning cost, Cognition offers a more affordable alternative compared to Gorilla. While Gorilla requires subscription fees, Cognition is a free platform, making research accessible to all researchers, irrespective of their budget.

Learning Curve Comparison

Both Cognition and Gorilla provide user-friendly platforms. Cognition, however, has a smaller learning curve as it's built around the jsPsych library, making it easier for individuals who are familiar with JavaScript. Gorilla, on the other hand, uses a more visual approach which may be easier for non-coders, but it can be limiting for more complex experiments.

Flexibility Comparison

In terms of flexibility, Cognition arguably takes the lead. With the jsPsych library, Cognition allows researchers to design a myriad of cognitive tasks. These tasks can then be incorporated into complex experiments easily. Gorilla, while very capable, might lack the depth of flexibility provided by direct use of jsPsych.

Community Comparison

Both platforms are backed by strong communities. However, considering that Cognition is based on a widely used Javascript library in psychological research, it has a wider support community. This large community often provides quick and diverse feedback. In conclusion, both Cognition and Gorilla have their strengths and particularities. Cognition provides a free, flexible way to design and host complex behavioral experiments, making it an excellent option for researchers on a tight budget or those looking for specific capabilities.

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