Comparing Cognition with Pavlovia Experiment Platform

Experiment hosting

Online experiments have revolutionized psychological and cognitive research, but running experiments remotely comes with its unique challenges. Today we will be comparing two platforms that aid in this task: Cognition and Pavlovia.

What is Cognition?

Cognition is an online platform built to assist researchers in designing, running, and analyzing behavioral and cognitive tasks. It uses jsPsych, a JavaScript library, to create online behavioral experiments.

Cost Comparison

While Pavlovia offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, where each participant’s response costs a certain amount, Cognition provides straightforward pricing tiers. For researchers working on a tight budget, this could make Cognition a more economical choice.

Learning Curve Comparison

Both platforms require familiarity with programming concepts. However, the use of jsPsych in Cognition could make it easier for those used to JavaScript to create experiments. In contrast, Pavlovia utilizes PsychoPy, which may require a steeper learning curve for non-Python programmers.

Flexibility Comparison

Pavlovia allows you to code in three languages: Python, JavaScript, and R. While this could be advantageous for a versatile researcher, it might be overwhelming for beginners. Cognition restricts you to JavaScript, which might be easier to grasp for early-career researchers.

Community Comparison

Both platforms have active communities. Pavlovia has an extensive range of tutorials and a lively forum. In contrast, Cognition offers direct support, as well as a more niche community that can provide specialized guidance.

In conclusion, both platforms offer unique advantages, and the choice between Cognition and Pavlovia will depend on the researcher’s specific needs and circumstances.

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