Compared to PsychoPy: Cognition Delivers A New Standard in Behavioral Experiments

Comparing Cognition with PsychoPy

The Changing Landscape of Psychological Research

When conducting online behavioral experiments or designing cognitive tasks, researchers and professionals must choose the right tool. PsychoPy, a widely recognized Python Package, has long been a favorite. However, Cognition is becoming increasingly popular among researchers for its impressive usability and adaptability, especially in running online experiments.

Cost Comparison

One could argue that the PsychoPy Python Package has an edge in terms of cost, being an open-source tool. However, Cognition, despite being a subscription-based tool, provides a good value proposition. The combination of affordable and flexible pricing models allows more users to access the tool regardless of their financial capability.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is a critical aspect to consider when choosing a cognitive experiment tool. While the PsychoPy Python Package remains a powerful research tool, its steep learning curve can be rather intimidating. On the other hand, Cognition provides an intuitive interface that simplifies running experiments such as jspsych or other cognitive tasks, allowing both neophytes and experienced researchers to feel at ease.


Flexibility is at the heart of Cognition. Compared to PsychoPy Python Package, which is quite rigid, Cognition supports a wide array of cognitive tasks making it possible for researchers to design complex psychological research with relatively effort-free.


Even though the PsychoPy Python Package has an established community, Cognition is rapidly building a knowledgeable and helpful community of users, ready to assist with any query or challenge that might arise during the various phases of designing and running cognitive experiments.

Undeniably, both Cognition and PsychoPy Python Package are potent tools for conducting psychological research. However, with its cost-effectiveness, user-friendly interface, immense flexibility, and supportive community, Cognition is seemingly shaping up to be the preferable tool for running online experiments and remote studies.

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