Getting started with Expilab Research for running online experiments

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When it comes to the challenging realm of conducting behavioral and cognitive experiments, knowledge of the right tools is vital. One such tool that continues to play an instrumental role in psychological research is Expilab Research

Understanding Expilab for Online experiments and Remote studies

Expilab is a powerful tool designed to aid researchers in designing, creating, and running online experiments. It helps conduct both behavioral and cognitive experiments effectively, especially when using jsPsych, a JavaScript library for creating web-based Psychology Experiments.

However, getting started with Expilab might seem daunting to some. Yet, with the right guidance and resources, mastering it can be made quite achievable.

Seeking Help and Asking Questions

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and the first place you should turn to is the Expilab's Solutions For Academia page. Here, you'll find answers to the most common questions asked by those new to the platform.

For additional assistance or more specific queries, consider posting a question in the Expilab Research help forum. Not only does this get you the solutions you seek, but it also contributes to an expanding knowledge base that assists others in the future.

Finding Courses

As a new researcher, attending introductory courses on cognitive tasks and online experiments is beneficial. This is where the Cognition proves helpful. It provides a vast range of courses covering data analysis, research designs, and even advanced topics for seasoned users.

Exploring Advanced Topics

For those researchers who are ready to take a deep dive into advanced topics, Expilab's guide on creating and running intricate cognitive tasks is a good starting point, as it provides hands-on examples and best practices.

Connecting with the Community

Finally, remember that you're not alone! There's a whole community of fellow researchers and Expilab users who have all faced the same challenges and are more than happy to help. Reach out, share experiences, ask for advice or provide it to those just starting.

To facilitate more dynamic discussions, you may want to join community spaces like the Expilab User Group, where members share insights, questions, and best practices relating to online experiments and cognitive tasks.

With these resources and a bit of perseverance, you will quickly increase your proficiency in running experiments with Expilab Research. So, go forth and let your research thrive!

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