What is Expilab Research? A Comprehensive Exploration

Research Scientist

Over the years, the advancement and fusion of technology with research have given birth to innovative platforms such as Expilab Research. Offering a host of services, it has become an essential part of the scientific community, namely those under the umbrella of psychological research.

What is it for?

Expilab serves as an online platform designed for the creation, design, and execution of behavioral experiments and cognitive tasks. It is explicitly designed for scientific researchers conducting remote studies. The platform makes it easier to design cognitive experiments, distribute them to a target audience, gather data, and analyze results, all within one convenient tool.

Main Features

Expilab brings a host of features on the table, notably the JSPsych library integration, which allows for the development of extensive online experiments. Furthermore, it supports full customization, letting you tailor your experiments as per your specific research requirements. The real-time results feature enables researchers to view data as soon as it comes in, ensuring swift and efficient analysis.


One major strength of Expilab lies in its accessibility. As a web-based platform, it brings the realm of psychological experiments to a broader audience. Researchers now have the ability to conduct studies conveniently from anywhere. With the integration of jsPsych, it is easier to collect high-quality reaction time data, pivotal in cognitive research. Furthermore, its dynamic nature that allows modifications even while running experiments, ensures researchers' flexibility, a core requirement in any study.

Who Invented it?

Expilab Research was conceptualized and developed by a group of researchers who identified the need for an online, all-in-one solution that could handle the complexities of cognitive and behavioral studies. Their combined expertise and dedication led to the birth of a platform that has bolstered the world of psychological research.

Who is Maintaining it?

The same team of dedicated technologists and researchers continue to maintain and evolve Expilab Research. Keeping a keen eye on new technological advancements and the changing face of online experiments, the team ensures that Expilab stays relevant and continually provides a streamlined solution for the user base.

The future of online psychological research is tech-integrated, and platforms like Expilab are paving the way. By making complex cognitive tasks manageable and by empowering researchers with flexible solutions like www.cognition.run, online scientific studies are becoming more attainable and efficient.

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