How to Use Labvanced for Experiment Creation: A Comprehensive Guide

Experiment design

If you're into psychological research and running experiments, the online world can seem like a daunting place. Exactly how do you run behavioral experiments or cognitive experiments online? Enter Labvanced, a robust platform that allows you to develop, conduct and analyze online experiments. This guide will help you get started and make more out of the platform.

Getting Started with Labvanced

The first step in using Labvanced to conduct online experiments is creating an account on Once you have an account, you can start designing your cognitive tasks or other types of experiments using the wide array of tools provided. Notably, Labvanced provides a tool called jspsych that’s quite helpful in creating online experiments.

Where to Find Help

If you find yourself stuck or unsure about anything, the Labvanced website itself is a great resource to find help. They have a comprehensive FAQ section and a section dedicated entirely to various types of support documents. You can also go to their partner site,, for additional resources related to cognitive tasks.

How to Ask Questions

If you cannot find the information you're looking for, the Labvanced Twitter Account is a good place to ask your questions. You'll need to create an account on Twitter to ask a question, but it's a straightforward process. Remember to be clear and succinct in your questions to get the most accurate responses.

Where to Find Courses

For those looking for more structured learning, Labvanced offers a range of online courses on their platform. These cover everything from the basics of running remote studies to advanced topics related to psychological research.

How to Find Advanced Topics

To learn about more advanced topics or specific types of experiments, the best resource is Labvanced's extensive documentation. This documentation includes details about everything you can do in the platform, from simple tasks to advanced functionalities. To get there, click on the Documentation link on the Labvanced homepage.

How to Connect with the Community

Joining the Labvanced community is a great way to connect with others in your field, share your experiences, and get advice. You can engage with the community through the platform's forum or by following Labvanced on social media platforms.

Remember, designing and running online experiments takes practice. But with the right tools and plenty of perseverance, it can lead to keys insights in your psychological research. Good luck!

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