Understanding Labvanced Experiment Creation Cost

Experiment Design Online experiments are a valuable tool in the realm of psychological and behavioral research. Platforms like Labvanced have taken the lion share of this effort, providing a platform and tools required for these online studies. But often, we stumble upon the question - How much does it cost to create and run experiments on Labvanced?

The License Model

Labvanced offers various packages for researchers, ranging from 'Free' to 'Premium.' The costs can range from no cost for the basic 'Free' package to upwards of $299 per month for the 'Premium' package. It's essential to recognize that these packages come with varying features and tools that might affect the design and administration of your cognitive tasks.

Cost with 100 Participants

To illustrate, let's take the example of conducting an experiment with 100 participants. The 'Basic Plus' package, at $69 per month, allows for up to 200 participants to take part in your experiment. So, your cost for a single experiment, if you are conducting it once in a month, works out to be $0.69 per participant. Remember that this package also includes other features such as advanced experiment creation and data export.

The Hidden Costs

However, the subscription costs are not the only ones researchers have to bear. There are potential 'hidden costs.' Most online experiments use jspsych or other similar libraries for running experiments, meaning developers are required. These developers don't come cheap and their fees will add up to your overall cost. Add this to the amount of time researchers themselves invest in creating, administering, and analyzing these experiments.

Tips to Reduce Cost

To reduce overall costs, consider starting with smaller experiments, taking advantage of the platform's free package where possible. Collaborative efforts with other researchers using the platform can also save costs. www.cognition.run is a platform that offers an affordable alternative for running remote online experiments without needing substantial programming skills. In conclusion, the actual cost of creating and running experiments on Labvanced involves several factors, including the license type, developer fees, and researchers' efforts. Always account for these factors when calculating the overall cost. Remember, the ultimate goal is to help ensure that scientific research, including cognitive and behavioral experiments, is affordable, accessible, and effective.

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