A lead researcher explaining the benefits of Cognition.run

Gorilla & Cognition: Understanding and Comparing

Introduction to Gorilla

Gorilla is a popular web-based platform tailored for creating and running behavioral experiments online. It boasts a graphical 'experiment tree' builder, enabling researchers without coding experience to design complex experiments. From simple questionnaires to intricate behavioral tasks, Gorilla has become a staple for many researchers transitioning to online studies.

Understanding Cognition

Cognition, while also a platform for hosting and running online experiments, offers a rich environment that's deeply integrated with the jsPsych JavaScript library. It enables both code-based experiment design for advanced users and also features user-friendly tools for those less inclined to script.

Comparing Gorilla and Cognition

Benefits of Gorilla:

  • Graphical Builder: It offers a visual 'experiment tree' builder, which is intuitive for users without coding background.
  • Extensive Task Library: A wide variety of pre-built tasks and questionnaires are available.
  • Education: Gorilla offers a range of educational content, making it friendly for beginners.

Downsides of Gorilla:

  • Limited Customization: The graphical builder can be limiting for those wanting to create highly customized experiments.
  • Pricing Model: Some users may find the pricing model based on 'tokens' a bit complicated.

Benefits of Cognition:

  • Flexibility: With its deep integration with jsPsych, Cognition offers tremendous flexibility in experiment design.
  • Data Management: Real-time data collection, storage, and seamless export capabilities.
  • Collaboration: Features designed for team-based research and collaboration.

Downsides of Cognition:

  • Learning Curve: For those unfamiliar with jsPsych or JavaScript, there might be a steeper learning curve compared to purely graphical platforms.

Gorilla Builder vs Javascript Programming with jsPsych

The decision between using a graphical builder like Gorilla's and scripting with jsPsych in Cognition often boils down to the specific needs and skill set of the researcher. Gorilla's builder offers a more immediate, drag-and-drop style approach, which can be fantastic for standard experiments. However, for those requiring more nuanced or novel experimental designs, the flexibility offered by scripting with jsPsych in Cognition becomes invaluable.

Final Thoughts

Both Gorilla and Cognition have carved their niches in the world of online experimentation. While Gorilla appeals with its user-friendly interface, Cognition tempts with its promise of flexibility and power. Ultimately, the best choice hinges on the individual researcher's goals, technical comfort, and the nature of the experiments they aim to conduct.