A lead researcher explaining the benefits of Cognition.run

Harnessing Amazon MTurk & Cognition for Online Research

About Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing platform allowing businesses and individuals to coordinate the use of human intelligence to perform tasks that computers currently can't do. For researchers, MTurk provides an easily accessible pool of potential participants for online studies.

The Power of Cognition for Studies

Cognition offers a dedicated platform for creating and running online experiments. It's designed to ensure that every stage, from experimental design to data collection, is streamlined, secure, and efficient.

Integrating MTurk & Cognition

The combined might of MTurk's vast user base and Cognition's robust experimental tools can dramatically enhance the efficiency and reach of online studies:

  • Recruitment & Participation: Create a HIT (Human Intelligence Task) on MTurk, using your Cognition experiment's unique URL, to guide MTurk workers to your study.
  • Real-time Data Collection: As participants from MTurk complete your experiment on Cognition, data is stored and processed in real time.
  • Secure & Streamlined: MTurk's in-built payment system ensures participants are compensated, while Cognition guarantees the secure collection and storage of data.

Conclusion: Efficient Online Research with MTurk & Cognition

By synergizing the capabilities of Amazon MTurk and Cognition, researchers have a powerful toolkit at their disposal, ensuring effective participant recruitment and streamlined data collection for their online studies.