A lead researcher explaining the benefits of Cognition.run

Guide to Social Behavioral Science Research

Recent Discoveries in Social Behavioral Science

The field of social behavioral science continuously evolves with new insights. Recent discoveries include the profound effects of social media on behavior, how group dynamics influence individual decision-making, and the roles of cultural nuances in shaping perceptions.

Designing a Social Behavioral Science Study

Designing a study involves clear hypothesis formation, understanding of variables, and selection of appropriate methodologies. Ethical considerations, especially when dealing with human subjects, are paramount. Consistent and unbiased data collection methods ensure the study's reliability and validity.

Coding an Online Study with jsPsych

jsPsych offers an efficient platform for creating behavioral experiments in a web browser. Begin by defining your stimuli, design your tasks, and set up trials. Its modular approach allows for flexibility and customization to suit various social behavioral research needs.

Sharing and Data Collection with Cognition.run

After setting up your online study with jsPsych, sharing becomes crucial. Cognition.run simplifies this by providing a platform to host, share, and collect data. With unique, secure URLs for each experiment, researchers can seamlessly share their studies and gather data in real-time.