A lead researcher explaining the benefits of Cognition.run

jsPsych: Pioneering Online Psychological Experiments

Introduction to the jsPsych Library

jsPsych is a revolutionary JavaScript library tailored for creating behavioral experiments that can be run directly in a web browser. By eliminating the need for specialized software installations, jsPsych democratizes and simplifies the process of psychological experimentation.

How jsPsych Works

At its core, jsPsych utilizes modular "plugins" to define different types of tasks or trials in an experiment. Researchers can combine these plugins, customize their parameters, and design intricate experiments with precise control over stimuli presentation and data collection.

The Rise of jsPsych

Several factors contribute to jsPsych's surge in popularity:

  • Accessibility: Being a browser-based tool, it's globally accessible.
  • Flexibility: Customizable plugins enable diverse experimental designs.
  • Community: A growing community contributes to its evolution, providing support, and sharing plugins.
  • Cost-effective: Open-source nature means no financial barriers to entry.

Data Collection with jsPsych

jsPsych seamlessly collects data during experiment runs, recording responses, timings, and more. This data can then be exported for further analysis, ensuring researchers have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Why Cognition is the Ultimate Platform for jsPsych Experiments

While jsPsych is powerful on its own, platforms like Cognition elevate its capabilities:

  • Easy Hosting: Upload and host jsPsych experiments without any IT overhead.
  • Global Reach: Share experiments with a worldwide audience.
  • Real-time Data: Collect and access data in real time, enhancing research pace.
  • Collaboration: Team-based functionalities streamline collaborative research.
Cognition, in synergy with jsPsych, paves the way for the future of online psychological experiments.