Understanding the Cost of E-Prime Desktop Application for Online Experiments

Cost Analysis of E-Prime application


Running online experiments has become more mainstream with the growing efficiency of tools and platforms like E-Prime Desktop Application - an environment intended for designing and implementing cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments. However, before plunging into the waters, it's crucial to understand the associated costs, the license model, potential hidden charges, and ways to cut expenses. Let's breakdown these factors.

The License Model of E-Prime Desktop Application

The first cost incurred in using E-Prime is purchasing the license. The E-Prime Desktop Application's license usually depends on the version of the application and varies from $995 for E-Prime 3.0 Standard to $1,195 for E-Prime 3.0 Professional. This is a one-time fee that allows you to use the software perpetually.

Example Cost of an Experiment with 100 Participants

Besides the license fee, running an experiment also causes additional costs that depend on the number of participants. Let's draw an example of a cognitive experiment with 100 participants.

If you decide to remunerate your participants with $5 each, the cost will reach up to $500. Add the running and hosting costs for the experiment (setup, data analysis, communication), including the overhead charges; you may be looking at about $1000 to $1500 for such an experiment.

Hidden Costs

Running online experiments can bring about unexpected costs that you had not initially planned for. For instance, you might need to train your staff in using E-Prime or other necessary tools like jspsych for additional functionality. This could involve separate training courses causing extra expenditure.

Tips to Reduce Cost

Cost-effectiveness is essential in running successful remote studies or psychological research. Here are some tips:

  1. Seek Partnerships: You can share costs with other researchers doing similar studies.
  2. Use Free Alternatives: Opt for free tools such as Cognition when possible.
  3. Choose an Efficient Recruitment Strategy: Use cost-effective participant recruitment strategies to reduce participant-related costs.

While intricate, comprehending the real cost of running experiments is crucial. The E-Prime Desktop Application, while potentially expensive, is an effective platform for designing, creating, and running behavioral and cognitive experiments online. Regardless of the tool selection, maintaining cost effectiveness is critical in scientific research.

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