Understanding the Cost of SophieLabs' Online Experiment Platform

Cost Calculation of Online Experiments

Moving psychological research and cognitive tests online is a challenging yet rewarding task for scientific researchers. With tools like jsPsych and platforms like SophieLabs, performing tasks such as behavioural experiments, cognitive experiments, or other cognitive tasks in a remote, online setting is becoming increasingly accessible. However, the costs associated with running these online experiments can be a major aspect to consider for many researchers.

The SophieLabs License Model

SophieLabs operates under a 'Pay Per Use' license model. This means that researchers only have to pay for what they use, based on the number and duration of experiments run, and the number of participants involved. Unlike subscription-based services, researchers are not tied to any long-term contracts or hidden fees. An added advantage of this model is that researchers have complete access to all features and updates, regardless of the size or frequency of their experiments. Contact SophieLabs for more details.

A Case Study: 100 Participant Experiment

Let's say, for example, that you want to run a study with 100 participants. If you plan to run a single experiment that takes about 30-45 minutes for each participant, the platform fee would average around $200-$250. This cost covers the setting up of the experiment, running it, collecting data, and data storage. But please note, cost may vary based on the number of cognitive tasks involved and the complexity of the designs employed for the experiment.

The ‘Hidden’ Costs: Understanding Complete Expenses

In addition to the platform fee, it's essential to account for other expenses that may be indirectly associated with running an online experiment. These can include the cost of participant recruitment, participant compensation, and additional costs related to technology (such as software for experiment design like jsPsych), data analysis, or hiring experts for sophisticated task designs. While some of these may not apply to all researchers, they are worth considering and account for when budgeting for online experiments.

Tips to Cut Costs When Running Experiments

When it comes to reducing the cost of running online experiments, efficient planning and design can make a significant difference. For instance, using templates for common cognitive tasks available in the www.cognition.run library can eliminate the need for developing tasks from scratch. Also, ensuring that the experiment design is optimized to provide the most valuable data reduces the chances of needing reshoots, which can pile on expenses. Consider utilizing SophieLabs' features like the tool feedback and participant pool to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As the world of psychological research expands into the digital realm, understanding the costs and strategies to manage these expenses will ensure that researchers can continue to provide valuable insights in a cost-effective manner.

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