The Cost of Conducting Online Experiments Using Gorilla Experiment Builder

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Carrying out online experiments, including cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments, is crucial for advancing scientific knowledge. An excellent platform for this is the Gorilla Experiment Builder, a cloud-based software especially useful for psychological research. However, the cost associated with running these experiments can sometimes be a hurdle for researchers. This article discusses the Gorilla Experiment Builder's license model, potential hidden costs, and tips for reducing your expenditure.

License Model

Gorilla Experiment Builder follows a pay-per-participant model for its licensing. This means that you incur costs based on the number of participants in your online experiments. The pricing levels vary depending on whether you're conducting a simple survey, a task, or a complex experiment.

Example Cost of an Experiment with 100 Participants

The cost for conducting an experiment using Gorilla would depend on several factors including the nature of the experiment. Suppose you're conducting an experiment based on cognitive tasks, and you need 100 participants. The basic cost per participant for a task or experiment on Gorilla is typically around £1—so, that would amount to an estimated cost of £100.

Hidden Costs

While Gorilla's pay-per-participant model is quite straightforward, there may be other indirect costs to consider. These can include participant recruitment costs if you are sourcing from an external recruitment website, the time it takes to design and validate your experiment on jspsych, and the costs associated with analyzing the data, especially if the analysis involves advanced statistical methods and software. Furthermore, remember that repeated tests with the same individuals in longitudinal studies will be considered as separate participants, thereby increasing your costs.

Tips to Reduce Costs

Minimizing the cost of running experiments involves strategic planning. Considering the use of, a platform allowing for remote studies, can facilitate participant recruitment without incurring heavy expenses. Opting for budget-friendly recruitment channels, simplifying your experimental design, efficient use of the Gorilla Experiment Builder resources, and learning and applying data analysis skills yourself instead of outsourcing can help you curtail costs.

Remember that running reliable online experiments requires careful planning and budgeting. A well-planned experiment can yield high-value data leading to impactful results, making your investment worthwhile.

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