Guide to Using E‑Prime Desktop Application for Designing and Running Online Experiments

Experiment Design

Running online experiments can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to designing cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments. Today, we will explore the usage of the E‑Prime Desktop Application, a highly efficient tool for psychological research.

Getting Started with E‑Prime

E‑Prime, available at Psychology Software Tools, allows you to design, publish and run your experiments. While the learning curve is steep, the outcome justifies the investment. From cognitive tasks to more complex cognitive experiments, E‑Prime is an all-encompassing tool.

To download the app, head to and follow the instructions. jsPsych, a JavaScript library for creating behavioral experiments, can be integrated with E-Prime for developing sophisticated online experiments.

Where to Find Help?

Various resources are at your disposal for mastering E-Prime. For starters, the application's official support website sheds lights on various common issues. Additionally, you may also seek assistance from the E-Prime Google Group and Stack Overflow.

For enriched understanding, visit It offers a wealth of knowledge and examples on running experiments. is an ideal platform for sharing and receiving feedback on remote studies.

How to Ask Questions?

Asking well-formulated questions is an art that gets refined with practice. When asking a question on the forums, include as many details as possible, screenshots, and categorize your queries properly. Remember to respect the community guidelines and be patient while the community gets back to you.

Where to Find Courses?

The learning resources for E-Prime are vast. Universities with strong neuro and cognitive science departments often run E-Prime workshops. Online platforms like Coursera, EdX, and LinkedIn Learning offer courses on psychological research methods which include training on using software like E-Prime. Additionally, you may also find specially designed courses on the official E-Prime website.

How to Find Advanced Topics?

E-Prime’s in-depth help documentation, advanced level courses, the user forums, and other dedicated online communities are excellent resources for finding advanced topics. The forums are particularly useful as active users share their custom codes or methods to execute complex tasks.

How to Connect with The Community?

Joining the E-Prime Google Group, E-Prime subreddit, and following their official Twitter or Facebook profiles help you connect with the E-Prime community. Also, participate in E-Prime training workshops, webinars, and conferences to network with other E-Prime users and experts.

In summary, E-Prime is a potent tool for designing and running both simple and sophisticated experiments. Leveraging its documentations, community, online courses, and official resources can catalyze your journey in the world of psychological research.

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