Tutorial: How to Use the SophieLabs Online Experiment Platform

Illustration of designing an experiment

Setting up online experiments can be, and often is, a significant task. The process is particularly daunting when the experiment involves complex behavioral or cognitive tasks. But with tools like SophieLabs, those involved in psychological research or similar fields can breathe a little easier. This article provides a detailed guide on how to setup an online experiment using the SophieLabs platform.

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up an Experiment

The following are the steps involved in setting up your online experiment on the SophieLabs platform:

#1. Create an Account: First of all, head over to the official SophieLabs website (www.cognition.run) and create an account. If you already have one, just log in. #2. Navigate to the Experiment Dashboard: After logging in, go to the Experiment Dashboard. Here, you'll find a button to create a new experiment. Click on it. #3. Design Your Experiment: Now, you're at the most exciting part - designing your experiment! This involves defining the structure of the experiment, including the cognitive tasks involved. #4. Test Your Experiment: SophieLabs allows you to run preliminary tests for your experiment design. Ensure everything is working as expected. #5. Run Your Experiment: Now for the main event – running your experiment! SophieLabs can help with recruitment, ensuring you have enough participants for your experiment.

Finding Documentation

SophieLabs features an extensive library of online documentation to help guide you through the process of designing, creating, and running your experiment. This includes tutorials on how to use specific tools (like jsPsych), troubleshoot common issues, and understand experiment-related terminology. The documentation is available on the SophieLabs website.

Next Steps: Analyzing and Sharing Your Data

Once your experiment is complete, the next step is data analysis. SophieLabs provides tools for data analysis, including options for data visualization and statistical analysis. You can also export your data for further analysis using other software.

Finally, consider sharing your findings. SophieLabs encourages open science and supports sharing both your data and your experimental setup with the wider scientific community.

Being able to run experiments remotely, especially in the ongoing pandemic scenario, is a big win for researchers everywhere. Despite the initial challenging learning curve, online platforms like SophieLabs offer invaluable support for cognitive and behavioral experiment designs.

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