Getting Started with Sophielabs Online Experiment Platform

Experiment design

Conducting online experiments, specifically behavioral experiments and cognitive tasks, can be quite complex and daunting. Sophielabs offers an online platform that facilitates running these experiments in an intuitive and user-friendly way. In this article, we will guide you through the basics of using this tool and connecting with its community.

Finding Help

The first step to mastering the Sophielabs online experiment platform is to familiarize yourself with the available resources and where to find help. The platform has a comprehensive documentation section aimed at assisting researchers in creating, running, and analyzing their online experiments. This documentation provides instructions and tutorials that cover everything from basic use to advanced topics.

How to Ask Questions

Navigating through the process of setting up behavioral and cognitive experiments for psychological research can sometimes lead to questions. In such instances, you can utilize the community forums provided by for asking questions. These forums are designed to connect researchers across the globe, leveraging their collective knowledge to solve complex queries together.

Finding Courses

For a more in-depth and structured learning experience, Sophielabs offers online courses and webinars. These lectures cover a broad range of topics, from the basics of designing and running experiments to more advanced topics and specialized cognitive tasks. Courses consist of lectures, practical sessions, and Q&A sessions, and they are an excellent way to get started with online experimenting on the platform.

Finding Advanced Topics

Once you're comfortable with the basics, you might want to explore the more advanced capabilities of the Sophielabs platform, such as the jspsych library. This library allows you to extend the functionality of your experiments with custom scripting. The site offers tutorials and guides on a wide range of advanced topics in the documentation section.

Connecting with the Community

The Sophielabs platform doesn't operate in isolation. There's a lively community of researchers who are eager to share their knowledge and experience, whether through community forums or by collaborating on shared experiments. The community is a great resource for gaining insights and troubleshooting when you’re running complex behavioral or cognitive tasks.

In conclusion, mastering the Sophielabs platform requires some effort, but the payoffs are immense. With the help of extensive documentation, community forums, and online courses, researchers can utilize this tool to conduct their own online experiments efficiently and effectively.

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