A Comprehensive Guide on Setting Up Experiments Using jsPsych Library

The digital age has dramatically revolutionized how scientific experiments, particularly in the field of psychology and cognitive sciences, are conducted. Behavioral experiments and cognitive tasks can now be executed remotely, thanks to online experiment platforms like jsPsych. In this article, we will guide you, step by step, on how to set up such online experiments using jsPsych.

Step 1: Understanding jsPsych

JsPsych is a JavaScript library for conducting behavioral experiments online. It offers an extensive variety of cognitive tasks and is widely used in psychological research for remote studies.

Step 2: Installing jsPsych

The first step towards utilising jsPsych in your online experiments is by downloading and installing the library. You can download jsPsych from its official GitHub repository.

Step 3: Setting up an Experiment

After installing jsPsych, you need to set up your experiment. This task involves designing the structure of the experiment (which includes various stages, such as introduction, stimuli presentation, and participant response) and implementing this structure as a script in the jsPsych coding interface.

Step 4: Running the Experiment

After the setup, you can run your experiment to validate and optimize the design. During this stage, you can load your experiment on the local server and perform a pilot run to identify and resolve possible issues.

Step 5: Hosting and Sharing the Experiment

To host and share your experiment, you can use a dedicated online platform like www.cognition.run. This platform supports a wide variety of online studies and makes your experiment accessible to a wider audience.

Where to Find Documentation

jsPsych's official documentation is available on their website. It provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and working with the library. In addition, you can get support from the jsPsych GitHub wiki and the jsPsych Google Group forum.

Next Steps

After mastering the basics of setting up and running experiments with jsPsych, you might want to delve deeper into more complex features, like incorporating advanced psychological research techniques and optimizing your experiment for larger groups.

To summarize, jsPsych is a powerful tool for conducting online cognitive experiments. It automates the process of running experiments, thereby allowing researchers to focus on the actual research question and data analysis. If you have any queries or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to the jsPsych Support Team.

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