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Getting Started With The Pavlovia Experiment Platform - Your Comprehensive Guide

Verifying Your Understanding about Pavlovia

Pavlovia is a versatile platform for the development, host, and data collection of online Psychology Experiments. It's an ideal solution for running remote experiments, particularly focused on cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments.

Getting Started with Pavlovia

It is important to have a proper setup in order to run online experiments smoothly. The first thing you should do is create your Pavlovia account, after which you can start creating, importing, or hosting your experiments. provides a good set of tutorials on how to create experiments compatible with Pavlovia. Keep in mind that there are tools such as jsPsych, which can make the process easier, especially for psychological research.

Where to Find Help?

If you experience trouble at any point, the Pavlovia discourse forum is a great place to search for solutions. Many individuals in the global community are willing to help, sharing their own experiences and solutions.

Asking Targeted Questions

When faced with problems while running experiments, it's essential to ask questions in an articulate and targeted manner. A well-phrased question has more chances to attract the right attention and get resolved quickly. When you ask, give context, specifics about your issue, and indicate what troubleshooting steps you've already taken.

Exploring Further: Pavlovia Courses

To deepen your knowledge and understand the intricacies of Pavlovia, various online courses are available. These courses can provide substantial assistance in understanding the creation and running of cognitive experiments on Pavlovia – from basics to more advanced topics.

Connecting with the Pavlovia Community

The Pavlovia community is a substantial asset, particularly when designing and running online experiments. Engaging with the community, whether through the discourse forums, community projects, or directly through social media can be highly beneficial.

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