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The Pavlovia Experiment Platform: A Tool for Online Experiments

This article will guide you through the insights of Pavlovia, an open-source centralized online platform designed to facilitate cognitive experiments and psychological research remotely. Specially developed for conducting and running experiments online, the Pavlovia Experiment Platform makes remote studies more feasible and efficient.

What is Pavlovia

Pavlovia is an open-source, online platform designed to facilitate cognitive and behavioral experiments. Born out of necessity to modernize and make psychological research more reachable, Pavlovia was created to cater to the growing demand for remote studies. It is maintained by a community of researchers and developers headed by the PsychoPy team.

Key Features of Pavlovia

Pavlovia stands out with its numerous salient features, which include:

  • Hosting cognitive tasks: Pavlovia allows researchers to upload and host their cognitive tasks. It simplifies the process of cognitive experiment implementation.
  • Participant-oriented design: Pavlovia focuses attentively on user accessibility and functionality such that each experiment is specially designed to be engaging for participants.
  • jsPsych integration: jsPsych, a JavaScript library for creating behavioral experiments in a web browser, is fully supported in Pavlovia.
  • Platform collaboration: Pavlovia comes with a collaborative platform where researchers can work together to design and develop their experiments.

Strengths of Pavlovia

Pavlovia shines brilliantly due to its:

  • The ability to handle multiple types of experiments: This includes cognitive tasks, behavioral experiments and psychological research.
  • Openness: Pavlovia is open-source, which means you can modify the source code to meet your project’s specific needs.
  • Vibrant community: With ongoing support and active contribution from the community, Pavlovia is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of cognitive research. The shared experience and knowledge among the community increase the platform's reliability and robustness.

Creators and Maintainers

Pavlovia was developed by members of the PsychoPy team, a group of renowned researchers and programmers experienced in cognitive research domain. They continue to maintain Pavlovia in order to facilitate easier and efficient creation and execution of online behavioral studies. The creators also actively participate and support the growing community besides updating the platform regularly with upgrades and bug fixes.

To learn more about conducting online experiments on platforms like Pavlovia, visit You'll find numerous resources to assist you in designing, creating and running your own studies online.

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