An Introductory Review of Gorilla Experiment Builder

Designing experiments

With the evolution of remote studies, more and more scientific researchers are shifting to online platforms to conduct their experiments. Among these newly emerging tools, the Gorilla Experiment Builder distinguishes itself with the ability to handle complex cognitive tasks and psychological research.

What is Gorilla Experiment Builder?

Developed by Cauldron Science, Gorilla Experiment Builder is an online platform utilized by researchers primarily for designing, creating, and running behavioral and cognitive experiments. It allows comprehensive control over the entire research process while simplifying complex experiment preparations.

Main Features

From customizable experimental designs to detailed data extraction, Gorilla Experiment Builder is packed with an array of beneficial features and tools, some of which are:

  • Creation of diverse cognitive tasks
  • Automated randomization options
  • Data extraction in multiple formats
  • Integration with participant recruitment platforms


Gorilla Experiment Builder, unlike other tools such as jsPsych or, has a user-friendly interface that caters to both beginners and experienced researchers. Additionally, its extensive compatibility with multiple participant recruitment platforms makes it an ideal choice for running experiments with diverse demographic groups.

The Minds Behind Gorilla Experiment Builder

Gorilla Experiment Builder was invented by Cauldron Science, a company dedicated to creating tools that amplify the impact and scale of cognitive research. It is maintained by a team of data scientists, psychologists, and user experience professionals driven by their passion for technological advancement in scientific research fields.

Despite the numerous challenges associated with the design and conducting of online experiments, platforms like Gorilla Experiment Builder, with their comprehensive feature sets and user-friendly interfaces, are making remote studies easier and more effective than ever before.

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