Experiment Design

A Guide to Using Gorilla Experiment Builder for Online Experiments

Running online experiments, especially those involving cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments, can be a daunting task. Between designing the perfect cognitive experiment to troubleshooting issues, a reliable platform can make all the difference. Gorilla Experiment Builder is an excellent tool for this purpose.

Getting Started with Gorilla Experiment Builder

To get started, head over to gorilla.sc to create an account and set up your profile. This will allow you to create new experiments and collaborate with other researchers. You can also try out some sample experiments to get a feel for the system.

Where to Find Help

If you are a beginner at running online experiments, the Gorilla Experiment Builder's support page is a goldmine of resources. It has FAQs, tutorials, and articles about psychological research, behavioral experiments, cognitive experiment design, and experiment hosting.

How to Ask Questions

Questions about experiment design, jspsych, or even the platform itself can be posed in Gorilla’s Facebook Community. There, experienced and friendly community members offer insights and solutions. You may also find that somebody has already asked your question and received an answer.

Where to Find Courses

If you prefer a structured learning pathway to mastering Gorilla, consider enrolling in a Gorilla Academy courses. These courses cover all aspects of using the platform, from designing experiments to data analysis.

How to Find Advanced Topics

For more specific or advanced topics, consider visiting the Advanced Techniques section. Here, you can find articles on more complex subjects, including those on psychological research and cognitive tasks in online experiments.

Connecting With the Community

The Gorilla Facebook Group is an active group of researchers, students, and educators willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Becoming a part of this community can provide you with invaluable guidance and feedback for your own research.

Building and running remote studies doesn’t need to be a solitary or overwhelming task. Tools like Gorilla Experiment Builder and communities like www.cognition.run can make it a collaborative and enriching experience. Happy researching!

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