How to Use the Lioness-Lab Experiment Platform: Your Comprehensive Guide

In the modern era of behavioral experiments and psychological research, using online platforms like Lioness-Lab has become a necessity rather than an option. This guide aims to help you jump-start on this robust platform, connecting with the community, asking pertinent questions, finding necessary courses, and exploring advanced topics.

Getting Started with Lioness-Lab

Just like any other platform, you first need to sign up on the Lioness-Lab Experiment platform. The platform offers rich tools for running experiments ranging from behavioral experiments, cognitive tasks, up to complex experiments requiring jspsych capabilities. Using the platform could initially seem daunting. However, like the sophisticated toolset at, Lioness-Lab is designed to be used smoothly even by beginners in the field of psychological research and cognitive experiment.

Where to Find Help

Understanding the intricacies of the platform and designing online experiments could be demanding. Therefore, there's an extensive library in the 'Help' section on the platform where you can find step-by-step tutorials, FAQs, and user manuals. Furthermore, you could look into relevant resources at to get a holistic perspective on running remote studies.

How to Ask Questions

The platform represents a vast community of researchers and scientists. You can engage with them through the 'Community Questions' section where you can find answers to your questions or provide solutions to problems posed by others. This open community environment fosters a collaborative approach to psychological research.

Where to find courses

Lioness-lab provides numerous online courses to help you get started and become proficient on the platform. The 'Learn' section in the main panel hosts a catalog of free as well as premium courses for varying skill levels.

Finding Advanced Topics

Experiment designing and execution demand a working understanding of advanced terminologies and techniques. With the 'Advanced Topics' catalog, you can delve into a range of subjects from jsPsych, cognitive tasks, and more complex topics, enabling you to design and run intricate experiments.

Connecting with the Community

One of the major advantages of Lioness-Lab is its thriving community of research experts. You can connect with other members through the 'Community Forum'. You can even find experts working on similar projects and share your work, thereby fostering rich collaborations.

Running online experiments with Lioness-Lab may seem challenging in the beginning, but with this guide, and the vast resources available, you are prepared to start your research journey with confidence.

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