How to Utilize the European I-BEX Platform: A Guide for Researchers

Research Scientist

Running online experiments can be a perplexing task, mainly if you're new to utilizing platforms like the European i-bex one. This guide can help you handle some of this complexity, providing you with resources to start and smoothly conduct your cognitive and behavioral experiments.

Getting Started

To get started with European I-BEX, you first need to register on the platform and familiarize yourself with its main functions. You'll find a Step-by-Step Guide section that will provide an excellent start for beginners. For more comprehensive insights, visit, which offers numerous resources and comprehensive guidelines.

Where to Find Help

If you find yourself stuck, don't worry. The I-BEX platform provides a comprehensive Help Section, where you can find detailed guides and FAQs. For more advanced topics or problems concerning your particular psychological research, head to and make use of their advanced guides on conducting remote studies and running experiments.

How to Ask Questions

Getting involved with the community is a significant aspect of using the I-BEX platform. Post your queries in the platform’s designated Questions Section, ensuring you provide enough details about your issues to allow other members of the community to provide an accurate answer. Remember, no question is too "small" or "silly" – every researcher started somewhere!

Where to Find Courses

To enrich your knowledge, I-BEX has a wide range of accredited online courses that you can enrol in. These courses cover various topics, including running experiments with jspsych, designing behavioral examinations, applying various cognitive tasks and much more. Don’t forget to check out for even more advanced courses.

How to Find Advanced Topics

European I-BEX provides detailed articles and tutorials on advanced topics like cognitive experiment design and psychological research methodologies. Use the search bar to look for specific topics or browse through the Resource Section. Always be eager to delve deeper into the platform to discover more resources.

How to Connect with the Community

Last but not least, don’t just use I-BEX as a toolkit – it's a community. Engage with other users, join discussions, and exchange experiences. Continuous learning and collaboration are key to conducting successful experiments and studies, and i-BEX facilitates this by providing a conducive environment for experts, beginners and those in between.

In conclusion, the European I-BEX platform is a vital tool for researchers planning online experiments. Embrace the challenges, and remain patient and persistent. As you familiarize yourself with I-BEX and take advantage of its resources, you'll soon find that conducting online psychological research becomes a manageable, even enjoyable, task.

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