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Understanding The European I-BEX Platform

In recent years, the need for practical and efficient methods for conducting scientific research in the fields of psychology and cognitive sciences has been increasing. One platform that is making a significant contribution in this regard is the European I-BEX platform. Whether you are a researcher desiring to streamline your workflow in designing and running experiments or a scientist who needs a reliable platform for cognitive tasks, the I-BEX platform has much to offer.

A Closer Look at I-BEX

The Interactive Brain Experimental Platform, I-BEX for short, is a software tool specifically designed to streamline the process of designing, creating, and running behavioral experiments online. It's maintained by a dedicated team of scientists and developers who continually update the platform to incorporate the latest methodologies and techniques in cognitive and psychological research.

Main Features of I-BEX

I-BEX provides a comprehensive suite of tools enabling scientists to create a broad range of behavioral and cognitive tasks online. Leveraging JavaScript libraries such as jspsych, researchers can construct complex experiments without needing to write extensive code. Another significant feature includes its powerful data collection and analysis capabilities. Through the platform, scientists can access a wealth of data captured during the experiments, allowing them to readily analyze and interpret the results. In addition, I-BEX supports remote studies, meaning that experiments can be conducted anywhere, at any time, overcoming geographical limitations.


One of the great strengths of I-BEX is its versatility and user-friendliness. For instance, even if a researcher is not a programming expert, they can leverage the user-friendly interface to create and run online experiments. The platform is also noted for its robust secure data storage mechanisms, ensuring that sensitive data is adequately secure. And with the increasing popularity of online experiments, scientists can trust I-BEX to provide a reliable and seamless experience.

A Legacy of Innovation

The European I-BEX platform was conceived and developed by a team of researchers from various European scientific institutions. Their vision was to create an all-encompassing tool that would make running experiments online more straightforward, efficient, and reliable. Today, this platform is continually maintained and upgraded by a team of dedicated individuals from, who work tirelessly to ensure the platform remains at the forefront of the scientific research community.

In conclusion, the European I-BEX platform has greatly enhanced the manner in which behavioral and cognitive experiments are carried out. It offers a vital resource for those in the psychological research field, providing a user-friendly and efficient solution for running both behavioral and cognitive experiments online.

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