An Insight into oTree Python Framework

Research Scientist

oTree Python Framework is an important tool for researchers in behavioral and cognitive experiments. Its purpose extends to market-oriented experiments, psychology studies, and educational studies among others. Additionally, it is also useful for anyone seeking to conduct or learn about running experiments online.

The Inventor and Maintainer

The framework was initially designed by Chapman, University's Economic Science Institute led by Nobel laureate Vernon Smith. Its main maintainer now is Chris R. Harris, a dedicated developer spearheading the direction and propagation of the project.

Main Features

oTree is open-source, meaning that its design is publicly accessible, which fosters on-going development and optimization. Notable features include support for multiplayer strategy games, cognitive tasks and questionnaires, coupled with real-time decision-making and payments. It also allows for complex experimental designs and is flexible, allowing you to customize your experiment to best fit your research question.

Its convenience as an online platform makes it especially useful for remote studies. The shift to online experiments has enhanced scalability and reduced the geographical restrictions that once limited such experiments. This ease and flexibility provided by oTree have made it a go-to tool in psychological research.


oTree is popular for its user-friendly interface, extensive documentation, and strong support community. It has an easy-to-learn Python-based programming language, making it an accessible tool not just for experienced researchers, but also for beginners in the field.

Being browser-based, oTree supports diverse devices - from computers to mobile phones. Moreover, it is equipped for multi-language support, which is avantageous for international studies.

Moreover, through the built-in server function, researchers can test their studies locally before launching them on a platform like This helps in running pilot experiments to ensure that your study functions as planned.

In summary, oTree is a robust, versatile framework designed to meet the growing demand of online experiments. From behavioral experiments to psychological research, oTree makes running experiments simpler and more efficient.

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