SONA Participant pool

SONA Participant Pool: An Analysis

The world of cognitive experiments and behavioral experiments often require an extensive and varied participant pool. One such resource, specifically tailored for this purpose, is the SONA participant pool.

What is SONA Participant Pool?

SONA participant pool serves as an online participant management system for psychological research. It's a platform where researchers can advertise their studies, screen participants, schedule sessions, and grant credit. It's perfect for running experiments, especially in the times of remote studies due to the pandemic.

Key Features of SONA

SONA's system is robust, providing many features tailored to the needs of researchers conducting online experiments. - Centralized Advertisements: It allows researchers to advertise their studies in one central location. - Effective Screening: Researchers can control who can view and participate in their study based on pre-specified conditions. - Scheduling: It provides a system for scheduling study sessions and reminders for participants. - Credit Granting: SONA enables the easy distribution of credits/participant benefits after successful participation in a study.

Strengths of SONA

SONA participant pool is highly respected in the psychological research community because of some compelling strengths. - Large and Diverse Participant Pool: It possesses a vast participant pool with diverse characteristics, facilitating various behavioral and cognitive tasks. - Data Management: SONA provides effective data management provisions to handle large volumes of data with ease.

Creators & Maintainers of SONA

SONA Systems was established in 2002 and has seen significant growth since then. Its founders wished to create a system that would streamline the process of participant management for research studies. Today, a dedicated team of experts maintains the platform, ensuring smooth operation and continuous improvement to assist researchers better.


The importance of a significant and diverse participant pool cannot be overstated in experimental research. SONA participant pool offers an efficient solution for researchers engaged in creating, designing, and running cognitive and behavioral experiments. For more information and guidance on handling online experiments, visit

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