The PsychToolBox Matlab Package: An Indispensable Tool for Cognitive Experiments

If you're a scientific researcher running behavioral or cognitive experiments - whether they're online experiments, or conducted remotely via platforms such as, there's a package you've likely stumbled upon or used: the PsychToolBox Matlab Package.

What Is the PsychToolBox Matlab Package?

The PsychToolBox Matlab Package is an open-source package designed for use in vision and neuroscience research. It provides a powerful set of functions, enabling a wide range of tasks that are fundamental for running experiments, especially cognitive tasks. The package is primarily used for conducting psychological research and is a highly valuable tool in cognitive and behavioral experiments.

Who Invented It?

The PsychToolBox Matlab Package was conceived by Allen Ingling, David Brainard, and Denis Pelli, who aimed to create a tool that would facilitate the process of conducting psychological and cognitive research.

Key Features of the PsychToolBox Matlab Package

The package offers a slew of functions that can serve multiple aspects of an experiment, including design, implementation, and results interpretation. It offers precise control over visual stimuli display times, access to keyboard, mouse and joystick input, and enables creating full-blown visual psychophysics and cognitive tasks, among other features.

Main Strengths of the Package

One of the notable strengths of the PsychToolBox Matlab Package is the high precision and accuracy it offers in running experiments, ensuring they're as close to real-world conditions as possible. By providing extensive control over the screen's stimuli and timing parameters, this package fuels carefully modulated psychological research.

Who is Maintaining It?

The PsychToolBox Matlab Package is constantly being enhanced and maintained by dedicated researchers and programmers from around the world. The package is updated to ensure it stays relevant and useful even as the field of online psychological and cognitive research evolves.

Running online experiments and remote studies can be challenging. However, with tools like the PsychToolBox Matlab Package, jspsych, and platforms like, the process becomes easier to manage and more efficient. The realm of cognitive tasks and behavioral experiments beckons, and researchers armed with these useful tools are well-equipped to heed the call.

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