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Understanding Lab.js Experiment Builder: A Tool For Modern Research

Within the realm of scientific research, specifically in behavioral and cognitive experiments, instruments like Lab.js Experiment Builder play a vital role. In behavioral studies and cognitive tasks, precise control over presentation of stimuli and accurate timing is crucial. Traditional laboratory experiments are slowly giving way to online experiments, making tools like Lab.js in high demand.

What is Lab.js Experiment Builder?

Lab.js Experiment Builder is an open-source JavaScript library developed for running online psychological research. Whether you're a novice or a professional researcher, Lab.js provides a straightforward means of creating intricate experimental setups for your remote studies.

Who invented it? Who is maintaining it?

The Lab.js Experiment Builder was initially invented by Felix Henninger, a cognitive psychologist from the University of Konstanz. Today, it is collectively maintained by a vibrant community of skilled developers and researchers globally. It is a testament to the collaborative spirit embedded in scientific research.

Main Features

One of the key strengths of Lab.js is its user-friendly interface which fosters experiment designing without demanding a high level of coding aptitude. Major features include:

  1. Experiment Designer: A visual, drag-and-drop interface allows researchers to create and manage experimental flows easily.
  2. Timing Precision: It provides a highly precise control over stimuli presentation timing, a crucial feature in cognitive tasks.
  3. Data Management: Collecting, storing, and exporting data is fully configurable, enabling data-heavy experiments without stress.


Aside from its feature set, Lab.js remains advantageous as it integrates seamlessly with existing research tools. Its compatibility with jsPsych, another prevalent JavaScript library for online experiments, is noteworthy, allowing the easy running of experiments designed in Lab.js on the jsPsych platform.

Additionally, Lab.js is fully compatible with www.cognition.run, an online platform providing resources for designing, creating, and running online experiments. This combination provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges that often accompany running remote studies.

Online psychological research is not an easy venture; it demands intricate experiment design, creating the required environment, and running experiments accurately. Lab.js Experiment Builder, as well as platforms like Cognition, strive to simplify these tasks, making running experiments accessible, even in a remote setting.

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